Hurrah, off to the gym!


Well, after a reasonably lengthy hiatus I finally made it back to the gym!  As a Tough Mudder finisher in 2014 I had got to a level of fitness that I would never have dreamed of a few years ago and so my lapse back into being less-than-fit was super, super disappointing for me!  Prior to the couple of years leading up to TM I had begun to get into training in a way I had never managed before, having spent most of my 20s trying and failing to stick to various types of exercise.

I had FINALLY discovered what works for me – training alone just doesn’t work as I don’t have the motivation or self-discipline to keep myself working at my hardest, so I began to go along to some classes at my local gym.  I found that the camaderie, variety of classes and yes, slightly mean PTs forcing, I mean encouraging you, to do ONE MORE REP were what I needed to actually succeed and become proud of my body and my fitness.

So for a good while, I was in a routine of going to the gym 3-4 times a week and felt great for it, so much so that I couldn’t imagine going back to my couch potato days.

Oh dear.  I spoke too soon!

What went wrong?!

Without going into too much dull detail, a wrist injury reared its head and it limited what I could do.  As someone who really needs to enjoy exercise to keep it up, being limited (as I was for a while) to running, which is far from my favourite exercise, I gradually did less and less.  Throw my purchase of an old and unloved house in need of TLC into the mix and then, even as my wrist improved, I found I had no time to do anything other than go to work, work on my house and go to bed.  Oh and walk the dog, can’t forget him!

Happily though, my house is beginning to look like home, my wrist is much better and I’m raring to go!  The good thing about having been in the routine of going to the gym is that it’s not so hard to get back into, compared to if you were starting out.  I’ve really missed everything about being a gym-goer and I loved being back yesterday (for a Thai boxing bag work class if you’re interested!).  Today has brought the inevitable slight DOMS but it’s a small price to pay for all the benefits it brings! How is your January fitness routine going?

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  1. Love, love, love Muay Thai! Hope you’re enjoying it, too.
    I sprained my ankle badly a couple of years ago, which limited my exercise routine, too. I kept up my fitness with swimming, but really missed more intense exercise like free-running. My ankle slowly recovered (oh, I miss the recuperative powers I had in my 20s!), then was freshly injured in a car crash over the summer. I spent the fall recovering and having physical therapy on it and am FINALLY feeling like it’s solid and won’t buckle when I’m running or jumping rope. It’s so annoying to reach a high level of fitness and have an injury drag you backwards, but there’s a lot of satisfaction in getting back on the horse! Glad you’re back at the gym and hope you keep enjoying it!

    1. Muay Thai is so intense, you really do gain a lot in a short time! You’ve been really unlucky, great that you’re back to full fitness again 🙂

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