What I’ve been reading in January.

Unusually for me, I haven’t read any novels this month.  Usually I’ll read at least one but starting up this blog has taken far more of my time than I expected.  So other than one (fairly short) non-fiction book, I’ve been dipping into and thoroughly enjoying a few magazines, some of which I discovered completely by accident (hurrah for Twitter).  So here are my January reads:

  1.  The Simple Things – I LOVE The Simple Things! I discovered it in the Spring when a very thoughtful friend put a copy in my birthday bag.  Straight away I thought, “This is my kind of magazine.”  It’s about living the good life and has a huge variety of articles on things like rustic food, getting outdoors, interiors, crafty things and travel.  It focuses very much on the more rustic side of life (even for city dwellers) and appreciating the beauty and individuality of each month and season.  The February issue is currently sitting in my magazine basket waiting to be read! *squeals with excitement*
  2. Oh Comely – this is published by the same group as The Simple Things and I came across it through adverts in the aforementioned.  At first I thought it might be a bit too alternative for me, but after sampling a few back issues on Issuu I decided to subscribe to it and I’m so glad I did.  It has a lovely mix of whimsical, arty, eclectic articles – I’m struggling a bit here to even describe it!  But I love the mix of different topics, this issue for example had writing on time travel,  the good old days and going home to name but a few.  Reading Oh Comely actually makes me feel quite peaceful which brings me nicely on to my next read. 
  3. Breathe – Breathe is a magazine all about mindfulness.  It is similar to The Simple Things and Oh Comely in that it advocates taking time to enjoy things, appreciating each season and dabbling in crafts.  It usually gives away a wee notebook for your doodles and musings too!  A gratitude journal came with issue 1 and issue 3 has a listography notebook- love it!  It also has a section devoted to crafts and has a few pages of gorgeous patterned paper every issue which I will be putting in frames for display.
  4. 404 INK – and now for something completely different! 404 Ink is a new alternative literary magazine published in Scotland.  I came across it when author Kevin MacNeil (who hails from my beautiful island!) mentioned it in a tweet as he wrote a short story for it.  I thought I would check it out and I’m glad I did.  It certainly showcases some weird and wonderful ideas but I really enjoyed reading it.  Not every piece was my cup of tea but I love reading new things and different genres – how else do you discover what you like?
  5. National Geographic – 100 Shocking Events – the title says it all really.  I spotted this in the newsagent and just had to buy it.  I love this 100 greatest… or 100 most… kind of reading as you can just dip in and out of it.  It gives a brief overview of a disasters, scandal and misadventures such as Charles Lindbergh’s fall from grace, the wrong turn that in part lead to World War 1 and (ahem) The Jerry Springer Show, amongst many others.  Perfect Sunday reading.

And that’s it, what have you been reading this January?

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  1. Great post! I don’t really read many magazines anymore, so this was great to come across. I especially like the sound of Breathe – I’m obsessed with all things mindfulness!

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