Books, beaches and lie-ins – in praise of Sundays!

I don’t know about you but I LOVE Sundays.  It really is the only day of the week I can switch off and do my own thing without worrying that I should be doing this or that or whatever.  Where I live in the Hebrides, Sundays are particularly peaceful as there is almost nothing open.  One petrol station opens for a few hours and the hotels and a few pubs are open but other than that, nothing – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Things have changed since I was a wee girl in the eighties mind you.  Back then you couldn’t get on or off the island as there were no Sunday planes or ferries and the swings in the play parks were chained so children couldn’t play on them!  Yes, really!  Nowadays both the planes and ferry run on a Sunday and there are no more chains on the swings.  I like to think we have the balance right now.

Taking a Breather

The great thing about an island Sunday is we have no choice but to take a breather and relax. If Tesco was open I’d probably end up dashing around doing my shopping on a Sunday morning and spoiling what is one of my favourite times of the week.  I love taking my dog for a long walk on a Sunday morning then having a leisurely brunch and a read of whatever takes my fancy.  We have no Sunday papers (that’s one thing that I would like to have actually) as the ferry only sails once and doesn’t return till 9pm and anyway there’s nowhere really open to sell them!  It’s not something I’m particularly bothered about though, you don’t miss what you’ve never had.

My Sunday afternoons are usually spent lazing around either reading or watching a film (usually one I’ve seen a hundred times) or taking a wee trip to one of the beautiful beaches on the island if the weather is good.   Recently I’ve been spending a good bit of my day taking part in blogging chats and writing blog posts.  I’ve found they are a great way to chase away the Sunday night blues!  How do you spend your Sunday?

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  1. I love taking Sunday to myself! I use it to blog ahead and take part in chats – are there any you’d recommend? At the moment I take part in #TeacupClub and #SundayYA
    I miss when everything close up – even in our wee village the corner shop is open pretty much all day.

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