This post will be exactly as the title says!  Autumn seems to be the favourite season of many and the number of people enthusing about it on Twitter, Instagram et al. backs this up.  Naturally, this makes it a very popular thing to blog about, and why not I say! As it’s such a popular theme, it makes sense that people will be interested in reading posts about it!

This year we seem to have had an unusually colourful Autumn up here in the islands.  Often, unfortunately for us, the leaves just begin to change into their glorious Autumn colours when along comes an almighty gale which blows the lot off!  However, recently, despite a couple of pretty wild days, the trees are hanging on to their leaves, giving us the most gorgeous show of Autumnal colour.  The leaves are gradually falling of course, and watching them drifting down as you walk by is surely one of the best things about this time of year! Not forgetting kicking your way through piles of leaves of course!  When will I ever grow out of this?! Probably never!

I get out and about at every time of year of course due to being a dog owner, but there is something undoubtedly special about being out walking in Autumn.  Crunchy leaves, shades of gold everywhere you look and the joy of finally looking out your woolly hats and uggs again!  It’s getting colder, and on the rare, still mornings there may even be the tiniest hint of frost.  I always find it faintly surprising when I actually think about it, that what is essentially a time of death and decay in nature, shows it at its most beautiful.  I suppose it’s Mother Nature’s last dance before she curls up for her Winter rest.

Before that, we still have Halloween, Bonfire night and the return of the Northern Lights to look forward to, as well as making the most of the last of those Autumn leaves.  Which season is your favourite?