Finally! After a LOT of dilly-dallying, procrastination and well, looking for any excuse really to not have to think of something interesting, witty or mildly entertaining to write, I’ve done it!  My first blog post.  Well done me!  This is something I’ve actually been wanting to do for so long but have never actually got round to, mainly due to having a pretty demanding job and various other things on the go.  Like most people really!  However at long last here I am so onwards and upwards I go.  I should probably say here before I drone on too much that I’m Mo, a book-obsessed, tea-loving teacher living in the sometimes sunny, often wild and always beautiful Hebrides.

So what to write?  My blog will focus on lifestyle, home, books and with the occasional foray into fitness (if I EVER manage to get myself back into the gym *sob*).  Having recently bought a slightly rickety but very lovely old house, its transformation from an unloved to much-loved home will definitely feature.  I’m a big bookworm and so I hope to post regularly about my current reads, whether they’re books, magazines or blogs.  I’ll also be blogging about life here in the Hebrides with my very cute Boston terrier, Archie.

Finally, I chose the name Crofts and Cocktails for my blog because I think it nicely illustrates the different sides of living in the Hebrides – it’s not all sheep and wellies you know!  I hope you enjoy reading it.